Patrice decided to pursue video journalism as a means to understand the leftist violence perpetrated in Berkeley, CA. Since then she has learned that being neutral, fair, and fearless means everyone thinks you're a spy for the other side.

She covered Charlottesville, VA on August 12 where a number of local residence have stopped her on the street to say thank you for her coverage on Periscope where her feed made the news page.

Patrice is not trained as a journalist or photographer, and instead relies on her general verbal, interpersonal, and technical skills to interact with subjects and create compelling content. She especially likes the challenge in finding optimal vantage points within dense and moving phalanxes of rally goers and journalists smothering a subject.

While her main focus is developing her skills as a live on camera, on location backpack journalist, and improving her photography skills with her Canon XF100, her absolutely favorite rig so far has been her Galaxy S7 with native Android video app and its style of image stabilization, on a five foot telescoping CamKix selfie stick. "You get the best fly on the wall footage ever. You can run with it; you can go from being a miles away to inches away in a moment all in 1080p."

Production Skills & Specialities

Documentary, Conflict Coverage, Video Editing, Backpack Journalism