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I was trained as an anthropologist and have a strong interest in working on stories with a cultural dimension, particularly with NGOs or Aid Organizations. I have extensive travel experience, usually working alone, in Asia, Mexico, Europe and the United States. While I like to travel by myself, I also enjoy working with writers, and prefer to work in an environment where there is a strong sense of team commitment to a story. I like feedback from editors who know what they want to see, and to work with reporters who have a sense for how they would like to see a story portrayed, not that I always agree, but I do believe that people who talk about how the story should be seen are more likely to produce a story people would want to look at.

I have a valid passport, yellow card, and most inoculations needed for travel in Asia or Latin America. In the absence of prior commitments, I can be ready to travel in 24 hours from initial time of assignment (and receipt of payment of advance for initial expenses).

Production Skills & Specialities

Corporate, Documentary, Fashion, Weddings, Portrait, Disaster Coverage, Backpack Journalism, Spot News, Still Photography