Registration Now Open: NPPA's Multimedia Immersion Workshop

NPPA Multimedia Immersion Workshop coach Eric Seals and a few of his students from last year's session.
NPPA Multimedia Immersion Workshop coach Eric Seals and a few of his students from last year's session.

DURHAM, NC (March 4, 2014) – Registration is now open for NPPA's 2014 Multimedia Immersion Workshop, an intense five-day, hands-on training session for visual journalists who are looking to expand and grow their multimedia skills using the latest technology.

This year's workshop will be held from May 13 through May 17, again at Syracuse University in New York.

Workshop co-chair Seth Gitner says the focus is on learning how to mix photography, video, and audio content and editing the elements into multimedia presentations. 

In addition to Gitner, coaches confirmed to be working with the participants this year include Nyier Abdou, Joe Mahoney, Chuck Fadely, Eric Seals, Brian Kaufmann, McKenna Ewen, Luanne Dietz, Jamie De Pould, and Jason Kohlbrunner. Students will also get advice from MMI co-chair Will Sullivan.

"I've taught at several workshops and by a 1,000 miles the Multimedia Immersion Workshop at Syracuse is the best out there," coach Eric Seals said today. 

"What makes Immersion so good is the teacher-to-student ratio. During my first year as a coach I was paired up with a more experienced coach, Will Yurman. He and I had four students – not for each of us, but four students for us both – which I found to be very unique compared to the other workshops I've taught."

Seals, from the Detroit Free Press, said that by the end of the long and productive week he felt I knew a great deal about all four of their students.

"I strongly felt that they got a lot out of me and my experience in video storytelling, and in turn I learned a lot from them. The working dynamic and set-up allowed me to jump from one student to another, and I – like Will – was always making sure that each student was looked after, every question answered, advice given, and we just had a great discussion about video storytelling, ideas, approaches to interviewing, story structure, etc."

Multimedia Immersion Workshop coach Chuck Fadely says that he's been to many visual journalism workshops, but NPPA's MMI at Syracuse is "a breed apart."

"The coaching staff is an amazing collection of talent, experience, and good will - and so many of them!" Fadely said. 

"Twenty coaches for 40 students and a room full of the most proficient and inspiring multimedia rock stars in photojournalism who are volunteering their time, because the coaches get more out of this week than the students do. They've been assembled by Seth Gitner and Will Sullivan, who seem to have found the magic pixel dust to keep the egos down and the enthusiasm up. As a coach, I find that I have learned much more than the students."

Fadely, from Newsday, said the NPPA MMI students are a diverse and gifted group each year. 

"From famous name-brand photographers to beginners who have a burning desire to tell stories, the students are focused and intent. It's an unusual atmosphere: collegial and inspiring and not competition-based. And oh yeah, this one is a biggie - the students pick their stories from a hat instead of having to come up with their own ideas. There's much less stress."

Some of the stories from Fadely and Seals's students last year can be seen online here.

Learn more about NPPA's Multimedia Immersion Workshop and how to register online here.