Deadline April 1 For Yarka Vendrinska Scholarship


Yarka VendrinskaThe family of Mark and Tanya Bohr, who established the Yarka Vendrinska Photojournalism Memorial Fund for their late daughter, Yarka, a photojournalist, are pleased to announce that they will be offering the fourth annual scholarship to emerging photojournalists who demonstrate financial need to continue their careers. The scholarship may be used to attend any of the Photojournalism workshops at The Maine Photographic Workshops. The award will be made officially on April 25, the anniversary of Yarka's birth.

The $2,000 scholarship is offered in the memory of Yarka, who was a passionate photographer, drawn to photograph people often ignored by society; the homeless, the aged, and the ill. She found great humanity in her subjects, and attempted to convey this through her imagery. She passed away on July 23, 2002, but her work continues to be presented on her Web site,

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The application instructions say that the ideal applicant will not only be interested in photojournalism, but will have a dedication to defining and reporting social issues and conditions in the spirit of Yarka's work. The award will be based upon demonstrated need and an appropriate portfolio of recent work. Portfolios should be presented as Web pages, either public or hidden on an existing site. The application deadline is 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 1, 2006. Applications and supporting materials should be mailed to [email protected].