TV NewsVideo Workshop Offered Critiques

By Jennifer Jackson
The Oklahoman

NORMAN, OK – Photojournalists from around the world participated in the National Press Photographer Association's Television NewsVideo Workshop this past week at the University of Oklahoma in Norman.

Mike Schuh, a reporter for WJZ-TV news in Baltimore, said the workshop gave photojournalists an opportunity to work outside their comfort zone.

Schuh said photojournalists from as far away as Denmark participated. He said participants were placed in different scenarios, such as a staged protest, to prepare them for real-life breaking news events.

Learning to expect the unexpected
"There are many uncontrolled elements that they could experience during breaking news," he said.

Cindy Kahland, on-site coordinator, said about 60 photojournalists participated in the workshop and learned how to keep storytelling fresh and compelling.

"The whole purpose of the workshop is to teach visual storytelling," Kahland said.

Workshop topics included storytelling, lighting, audio, editing and television news management.

Participants spent 12 to 16 hours each day with a faculty of 30 award-winning photojournalists.

Kahland said the photojournalists were given three assignments to shoot.

"They went out and shot their assignments and they got their footage critiqued," she said. "Then they edited their material to a one-minute story that is all visual without sound."

Kahland said a fourth "breaking news" assignment was given to surprise the participants.

"We staged a revolution in Normandia between the blues and the greens, and they were to shoot a story," she said.

In the past participants have had to come up with their own stories, Kahland said. "We wanted to see how they handled live news because in this day and age a lot of television station reporters are a one-man band and a lot of it is spot news."

Photographs by Brett Akagi