Best Use Of Photography 2006 Q1 Clip Contest Results

For News, Feature, Picture Pages, Sports, Multi-Page

2006 1st Quarter BUP Results

News, Feature, and Picture Page entries were judged at The Sacramento Bee by director of photography Mark Morris, staff photographers Hector Amezcua and Michael Jones, features designer Margaret Spengler and deputy director of photography Sue Morrow.

Sports and Multiple-page entries were were judged at Time magazine by director of photography Michele Stephenson, picture editor Mary Anne Golon, and associate picture editors Jay Colton and Bill Carwin.


Judges’ overall comments: This was the largest category and overall, we thought many of the news pages looked alike. In the end, that’s why we gravitated to excellent photography that was boldly used with a less is more design treatment. The typography lived up to this philosophy as well. A sense of purpose through planning was important to us as well as risk taking when it came to editing and design.

1st: The Hartford Courant, NE Magazine cover, March 26, 2006
"Bird Flu Busters"
Bruce Moyer and Chris Moore
Judges’ comments: Graphically bold to grab the reader. The placement of the typography maximizes the impact. This is not a pretty picture, but the point is profoundly made that it’s a news story that needs to be read.

2nd: The San Antonio Express-News, February 19, 2006
"Show Folks"
Doug Sehres, Anita Baca, Ron Jaap, Joe Barrera Jr and Nicole Fruge
Judges’ comments: The stylistic concept for this presentation is a wonderful treat – and risk – to find on a Metro front. We applaud the openness of a newsroom that can see beyond the norm. It was also obvious that the photos were intended to be black and white, which is another shift from the standard way of doing a news cover. The down page spot color was carefully placed as not to distract but to tell the reader there is something else on the page that’s worth reading. The captions could be better, however. A few more lines about the people would add more depth to the story telling.

3rd: The Palm Beach Post, March 16, 2006
"The lesson was impermanence"
Mark Edelson and Vada Mossavat
Judges’ comments: Attention to inside pages is important, yet they are often ignored. This one is particularly unique because of the design and is self-contained. The design is opposite of what is usually done: large picture at the top, secondary photos built about the text.
The strength of a page starts with the dominant image no matter where the placement. The four photographs at the top are cropped well, simple to read and storytelling as a group. This is a simple story that we have seen before but the edit and design brought it to life in a special way.

Honorable mentions
Judges’ comments:
These are all clean pages with excellent photography. The Orange County Register’s Nation & World and the Los Angeles Times’ Haitian page are inside pages with great attention to editing and detail. The Oregonian uses images that are generally difficult to lobby for (translation: not literal by design). They are beautifully quiet photographs and the display is very good. The Palm Beach Post photo package deserves kudos for creative wire editing of the day. Instead of using a sunny weather photo from Florida (predictable), it was news to use cold weather photos of other places. On a slow news day, this is a terrific solution, particularly when many of your readers are visiting from those cold-weather states!

HM: The Palm Beach Post, March 21, 2006
"Spring has sprung"
Mark Edelson and Sabrina Starrett with Associated Press photos

HM: The Los Angeles Times, February 15, 2006
"Haitian's words quell unrest"
Steve Stroud and Carolyn Cole

HM: The Sunday Oregonian, February 26, 2006
"Road to a dream"
Patty Reksten, Jody Stott and Jamie Francis

HM: The Orange County Register, March 5, 2006
"Bush draws a distinction"
Mark Rightmire, Sam Milbee and Rhonda McClain with Reuters Associated Press photos


Judges’ comments: Overall, the judges gravitated to the killer poster fronts with the one or two story starts. These were actually more prevalent in this category than what one might expect. Great stuff, but these are the winners:

1st: The Hartford Courant, January 15, 2006
"Gotta dance"
Elizabeth Bristow and John Long
Judges’ comments: Wonderful use of typography in a photograph that was carefully placed to enhance the page as a whole. These high impact poster pages make the reader feel like they are there that take them beyond just big design.

2nd: The Hartford Courant, March 15, 2006
"Bloody Sunday"
Elizabeth Bristow and John Woike
Judges’ comments: Fahgetaboutit! At first there was a wince. Then a chuckle. Then we grew to really like this page. (Glad it wasn’t a food page however!) The art direction and photograph is dead-on (pun intended) for the content. Any reader who watches Sunday night HBO/Sopranos gets it. It’s all about food, who dies next and wealth, thus the nice touch of the monogrammed napkin. It’s all in the details. Well done.

3rd: The Los Angeles Times, March 5, 2006
"Who runs the musical?"
Kirk McKoy, Paul Gonzales and Mel Melcon
Judges’ comments: We’re guessing that some planning was done for this page. This was clearly a concept in mind and likely a headline already written when the photographer went to the studio to create this image. The lighting is beautiful.

Honorable mentions
Judges' comments:
More high impact pages! Travel turned sideways, a historical photograph used meaningfully, energetic color and blur, and luscious food….all these pages successfully used a single photo to tell the story. Combined with simple use of typography, the conceptual designs communicate mood rather effectively. What lucky readers!!

HM: The Hartford Courant, March 26, 2006
"Mountains of sand"
Stephanie Heisler, Hal Stoelzle

HM: The Los Angeles Times, February 12, 2006
"Simple, inspiring, misread"
Kirk McKoy and Paul Gonzales

HM: The Oregonian, January 8, 2006,
"Portland's Latin Passion"
Motoya Nakamura, Mike Davis, Reed Darmon, Michael Rollins and Nancy Casey

HM: The San Francisco Chronicle, February 8, 2006
"Creamy Candoodlings"

HM: The Palm Beach Post, March 11, 2006,
"Clash of the Titanium"
Rebecca Vaughan, Mark Edelson, Libby Volgyes and Nicole Neal


1st: The Los Angeles Times, March 6, 2006
"Backstage, where the stars align"
Kirk McCoy and Al Seib
Judges’ comments: Not only a clean design and well edited, but also the pictures are very intimate despite the Oscars being a very controlled and hard access event. These backstage photographs make the viewer feel like they are present. It is well designed, resisting temptation to use too many images. The power of the supporting pictures is better than second place, Parting Shots, thus kudos to Al Seib, the photographer. Moving about is limited and being quiet is a must. The pictures are varied in lens length and moments. Readers love this stuff so it’s nice to see celebrities up close and personal. The story goes well with the visuals also. Great headline. Well-written captions. Excellent job.

2nd: The Dallas Morning News, February 27, 2006
"Parting Shots"
Chris Wilkins, Andy Scott, Rob Schneider, Erich Schlegel and Smiley Pool
Judges’ comments: Again, a very strong lead image that carries the page that draws the reader to the faces. Size relationship helps here. Double trucks can be monsters to design, but this is successful due to nicely cropped supporting pictures. The internal white space used helps the readability of the images. All the photographs are by staffer photographers – a plus!

3rd: The Dallas Morning News, March 26, 2006
"West Bank Protests"
Lara Solt, Alyssia Oglesby and Cindy Smith with A.P. and Reuters photos
Judges’ comments: Great wire editing! It’s a selection of photographs that capture the urgency and intensity of a day full of protests and raids. Four pictures used well and very readable. Good attention to white space.

Honorable mentions

Judges’ comments: Overall, the honorable mentions deserved a nod due the creative vision of the photography, clean design and classic typography. It’s uncanny how similar Death of a neighborhood and Cars in the ninth ward are, but once you really look into the pictures, each is an essay of eerie beauty among the disaster of Katrina. "Sideline stress tests" is a delightful idea either planned or thought about as an editor went through game pictures. Simply designed, the pictures jump off the page. Nicely cropped and very readable. X Games photographs are displayed well but could probably use one less picture. The images are very graphic and faceless, which could have been the visual theme, thus it may have been a stronger edit not to use Shaun White. Just a thought.

HM: The Dallas Morning News, February 26, 2006
"Death of a neighborhood"
Barbara Davidson and Michael Hamtil

HM: The Hartford Courant, January 1, 2006
"Cars in the ninth ward"
Bruce Moyer, Jay L. Clendenin and Suzette Moyer

HM: The Hartford Courant, March 19, 2006
"Sideline stress tests"
Bruce Moyer, Tia Ann Chapman and Chris Moore

HM: La Palma / The Palm Beach Post, February 3, 2006
"X games"
Mark Edelson



1st: The Palm Beach Post, February 4, 2006
"The X Games"
Mark Edelson
Judges’ comments: We liked the simple presentation and "flying" aspect emphasized by the three picture choices. The leading photo is artistic and has the potential to draw readers in. We liked the visual language and clean design.

2nd: The Hartford Courant, February 7, 2006
"Plight night"
David Grewe and Rick Hartford
Judges’ comments: We loved the leading photo of a young boxer against the stark hotel wall and the flowered carpeting. It is an arresting and unusual choice to lead.

3rd: The Daytona Beach News Journal, February 3, 2006
"Three, Two, One…Done"
Sam Cranston, Jim Michalowski and Craig Litten
Judges’ comments: We were very taken with the black and white image of a player exiting a gymnasium soon to be closed. The photograph was a compelling and interesting choice for a sports front-page.

Honorable Mentions
Judges’ comments:
In the case of each of our honorable mentions, we were delighted by fresh picture choices and interesting design. Our discussions revealed our frustration with what we felt like were too many conventional leading photos and pages that were WAY too busy. Several of the sports entries featured really nice picture choices that were surrounded by "cutout" photos and busy, messy layouts.

HM: The Albuquerque Tribune, January 19 2006
"Spring in the Step, Quirk in the Psyche"
Craig Fritz, Wendi Wilkerson and Mark Holm

HM:The San Jose Mercury News, February 11, 2006
"First Impressions"
Anne-Marie McReynolds, Mark Damon and Tim Ball with photos by Getty Images and European Press Photo Agency

HM:The Palm Beach Post/La Palma, March 3, 2006
"Doble De Cuerpo"
Mark Edelson and Richard Graulich


1st: The San Francisco Chronicle, March 26-29, 2006
"War without End"
Randy Greenwell, Kathleen Hennessy, Russell Yip, Dan Jung, Rick Romagosa and Jim Merithew
Judges’ comments: The judges were mightily impressed with the picture usage and the depth to this story about two American soldiers path to normalcy after sustaining serious injuries in Iraq. The front- page play of each of the four-part series propelled the entry to first place. The layouts were clean and reader-friendly. We were delighted to see this amount of space devoted to the story of two to represent many.

2nd: The Los Angeles Times, January 29 – February 4, 2006
"Back to Basics"
Rob St. John, Gail Fisher, Genaro Molina and Kelli Sullivan
Judges’ comments: This multi-page, multi-photographer look at the soaring high school dropout rate was beautifully executed. The judges were puzzled by the use of a color photograph on the front page to lead into an entirely black and white photographic presentation inside.

3rd: The Seattle Times, February 22, 2006
"A Journey to Pakistan"
Fred Nelson, Thomas James Hurst and Denise Clifton
Judges’ comments: This reporter and photographer team effort was nicely presented and connected the readers to the devastating earthquake survivors and local efforts to help. The judges appreciated the classical design.

Honorable Mentions

HM: The Howard County Times, Patuxent Publishing Co., February 9, 2006
"Counter Culture"
Nicole Martyn, Kimberly Whalen, Tenney Mason and Elizabeth Eck
Judges’ comments: This presentation on a small town diner was a familiar story but nicely executed with intimacy by the photographer.

HM: The Hartford Courant, February 12, 2006
"Faces of Competition"
Bruce Moyer, Suzette Moyer and Thom McGuire
Judges’ comments: A stunning portrait series worthy of recognition.

HM: Seattle Times, January 1-2, 2006
"Arctic out of balance"
Fred Nelson, Steve Ringman and Ted Basladynski
Judges’ comments: A refreshing front-page treatment of an environmental issue.

HM: The Los Angeles Times, March 6, 2006
"Oscar Night"
Kirk McKoy, Calvin Hom, Cindy Hively, Hal Wells, Richard Derk, Iris Schneider and Rob St. John
Judges’ comments: A great use of staff photography that featured some lovely little visual moments.

HM: The Palm Beach Post, February 2006
"The Turin Olympics"
Mark Edelson with wire photos, Tom Elia, Dave Marsters, Kelly Winter and Mark Bradley
Judges’ comments: The series showed strong picture editing and design.


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