Region 1 & 9 Elections Upcoming In May

DURHAM, NC – Sean D. Elliot, national secretary for the National Press Photographers Association, has announced that in May there will be online elections for Regional officers in NPPA's Regions 1 and 9.

(Region 1 and 9's candidate biographies, statements, and headshots are at the end of this notice).

In May the eligible voters in Regions 1 and 9 will vote online to elect a Director (who serves on the NPPA’s board of directors) and an Associate Director (who acts as regional membership officer and as a stand-in for a board member who is unable to attend the annual June meeting).

“To run for office in the NPPA an individual must be a News Division member in good standing for the year preceding candidacy and must be nominated by the nominating committee in the Region in which they reside," Elliot said.

Regional directors serve as voting members of the NPPA’s board and meet annually to approve the organization’s budget, make other decisions regarding the governance of the NPPA, and hear reports from the various committee’s and programs. Associate directors serve as the regional membership officer, dealing with the day-to-day needs of the members in the Region and they are designated as the stand-in for the Regional director if needed. Associate directors are not required to attend the annual meeting and may only vote if they are in attendance as proxy for the regional director.

Elections will be held online with balloting taking place through the member’s only area of the NPPA Web site. Voting may be done at any time starting the first of May through the end of the month. Results will be announced early in June.

Elliot urges those who are interested in running for office, or who are curious about the duties of regional officers, the operation of the board of directors, or the governance of NPPA, should contact him or the election’s nominations chairperson in their Region. Elliot can be reached at [email protected].


Candidates for Region 1 Director

Damon Kiesow

Hello NPPA members. I am running for Director of Region One and ask for your vote!
I am currently on staff at the (Nashua, NH) Telegraph in 2005 as the Managing Editor/Online, the first newsroom employee dedicated to online readership efforts. Apart from directing online news presentation and overseeing the photo department my primary focus is to help move the paper toward a converged multi-platform news operation.
I have been a member of NPPA since 1991, have served on the board of the Northern Short Course in Photojournalism since 1998 and just completed a 7-year term as chair of the event. I was also co-chair of the Flying Short Course in 2001 and 2002.
In the mid-to-late 1990's I worked as a photojournalist at several papers around New England, including The Laconia Citizen, The Biddeford Journal Tribune, the Bangor Daily News and the Telegraph.
This is my second run for R1 office, having won election to the post of AD in the fall of 1999. Unfortunately, (for my term of office) I left Region One for Virginia/Region Three several months later for a job at America Online. While at AOL I spent six years as a photo editor dodging mergers, layoffs and reorganizations and served most recently as the principal photo editor for news and sports, managing a team of 10 editors staffing 24/7/365. 
Since returning to New England I have presented on photojournalism and new media issues at a variety of local, regional and national organizations including the American Press Institute, the Northern Short Course, the New England Press Association, the New England New Media Association, the New England Associated Press News Executives Association and the New England Society of News Editors.
I appreciate your support and if elected look forward to working with everyone in the region over the next two years. - Damon Kiesow


Candidates for Region 1 Associate Director

Fred Field

I'm Fred Field and I'm running for NPPA Region 1 Associate Director.

I've been an NPPA member for more than 25 years (yikes!). During that time I've worked as a staff photographer and/or photo editor on four daily newspapers in Maine and Massachusetts.

In 2000 we moved from the Boston suburbs to the Portland, Maine, where I freelance for newspapers, magazines, and companies and teach photojournalism at two colleges. I just finished a coffee table book yesterday that takes a photojournalistic look at the beautiful (and big - 33,000 square mile) state of Maine. My book is out this July and makes a most thoughtful gift (wink wink).

Having lived my professional life as a newspaper staffer, photo department manager photojournalism instructor and freelancer I feel that I'm well positioned to understand and respond to the needs of the membership.

I also think it's fun to have photo nights where photographers get together usually at someone's home and groove on some cool work somebody did. I'd be psyched to get some of these events rolling in all six New England states and for our Region 1 members in the Maritime provinces (yes I'm probably crazy enough to drive all the way to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia).

The media landscape continues to shift and evolve and I think it will be fun if we can get together and enjoy the ride.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any thoughts. I'm at [email protected] or just Google fredfield and you'll see my site with all my contact info.

Best, Fred Field



Candidates for Region 9 Director

Peter Soby

My name is Peter Soby and for the past two years I have been your Regional Director to the NPPA. I ask you for your vote to represent you for another two years.

A bit about me, I am 34-years-old, married, and I have two kids. Since the last time I ran for this position my work life has changed. I left KETV in Omaha, Nebraska, after almost ten years to shoot video stories for the Omaha World Herald's web site. I'm a bit of a one man band, a back-pack-journalist, a ... well has anyone really come up with a name? Storyteller works for me. Bottom line, I wanted to part of the this thing. Multimedia ... storytelling.

This new position has given me the ability to be part of something new, learn new skills and help others. I'm developing stories for, and teaching their photojournalists to shoot video. It is an exciting world out there in photojournalism and I feel I can be a leader in it. It is also a scary world in photojournalism. There are lots of changes and job layoffs. How do we prepare ourselves for the future?

The NPPA has done many things for me as a photojournalist. I have learned so many things from the NPPA magazines, workshops, seminars and from fellow members, too many to list here. Once again this is my chance to give back. I speak at many events in the Nebraska area promoting photojournalism, I work hard with my fellow photographers at the Omaha World-Herald to produce great stories, and I spend a great deal of time helping other photojournalist in the Omaha market develop their skills by teaching and helping put on seminars.

I know I have plenty to get up to speed in Region 9. We need more local events to train photojournalist and reporters for the future. We need to develop a way to get contest results to our members sooner and easier. We need to put a bit of elbow grease into our web site. And there are many other things, I need to do to help lead this region into the future.

I still feel the NPPA needs to be the leader for the future of photojournalism. There have been many changes in photojournalism. Changes in laws, skills needed for the job, job security and many others, I want to make sure the NPPA is building the resources needed for you to develop the knowledge you need to keep up with this changes.

I'm still a young photojournalist, still learning. Now I'm learning how to change my talents to tell stories on a web site. I am teaching video and learning still photography. (Now that is scary)

This is a strong region with many talented photojournalist. I would be proud to be your volunteer to the NPPA and I would love to hear your input. [email protected]

Thank you - Peter Soby


Candidates for Region 9 Associate Director

Brad Boner

Greetings, fellow Region Nine shooters! My name is Brad Boner and I'm one of your candidates for Region 9 Associate Director. Please bear with me while I ramble a little about myself and my ideas for Region 9.

I've been a working photojournalist for almost a decade and chief photographer for the Jackson Hole News & Guide in Jackson, WY, for the past four years. I consider myself blessed to live in such a beautiful place and work for such a great newspaper, not only for the splendor of the area, but for the unique character of the people who live here. I have a wonderful wife, Jeannette, who is a freelance journalist. We live in Victor, Idaho, with our three-year-old blue heeler, Sadie.

In a time of such drastic change and evolution of the newspaper industry, the News & Guide stands relatively untouched by the issues facing large metros and even small and medium dailies. Our advertising is strong and our readership remains high. But I strongly believe that in order to maintain our unique prosperity we need to embrace the tide of changing technology along with the rest of the industry. Our paper has the opportunity to use this technology to enhance our product, while many others are banking on it to save theirs.

In a region that includes such rural states as North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and Nebraska, many small weeklies and dailies are trying to figure out to what extent online media could apply to their newspaper and to their market. Photojournalists like myself, who graduated from college before "multimedia" was even a word, find themselves trying to catch up with new technology while working to feed the beast of their respective news outlets at the same time.

Our peers in this industry are some of the best teachers we have as we move into this new age of visual storytelling. I would work to encourage those who have grasped new media to share their knowledge with those who might want or need to learn the craft. Moving into uncharted waters if you have a guide often isn't as daunting as it would be to jump in alone.

Membership to the NPPA among young photographers is a particular issue I would like to address. Too often I talk with students or potential interns who aren't members, and nurturing the healthy growth of our industry is tied to maintaining the growth of our organization. The NPPA has created a legacy of high ethical standards for our profession, and encouraging membership among new, young photojournalists will help to embed these standards in those who will carry new technology into the 21st century.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to serving our region as associate director if elected.

Brad Boner, chief photographer
Jackson Hole News & Guide


Bruce Thorson

Greetings to all who love photojournalism. I certainly do and will continue to do so. I believe strongly in the NPPA, in ethics, and in this organization's ability to educate and train all photojournalists. I currently teach photojournalism here at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, College of Journalism and Mass Communications. I want to be elected as your Associate Director for Region 9.

I have been an NPPA member since 1982.

I had a 25-year career in newspapers as a photographer, photo editor and in my last job as director of photography at the St. Paul (MN) Pioneer Press. I understand photojournalism and I understand photojournalists. In my career I enjoyed shooting sports as much as I enjoyed shooting in a studio, and all the news and features in between.

I've always been a learner. It has kept me going and changing with the time and technology of our business. I greatly enjoy now being in education, being able to give back to the students I'm teaching now.

And that is exactly what the NPPA can do now for all of its current, former and future members. Last year I was fortunate to attend its board meeting. You can be confident that these board members are a talented and dedicated group. They, and myself, are striving to bring the NPPA to each of you, striving to give you the opportunities to learn and grow as a photojournalist.

We want to be the NPPA that will educate you, be an important part of your career, be an organization that will stand up for you and your rights, and be an organization you can be proud to be affiliated with.

Photojournalists are passionate people. And I am passionate about photojournalism.

I look forward to being your AD, Region 9.

Thank you, and please vote.


Bruce Thorson, Associate Professor