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News Photographer magazine supports the efforts of the National Press Photographers Association in its role as the voice of the photojournalist by communicating news, identifying trends, delineating issues, and providing information, and recognizing the work of photojournalists. The columns and articles that appear in the monthly magazine are often cited as "the authority" on topics ranging from law and ethics to technology.

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Sample Covers

The July/August issue of News Photographer magazine features a cover story on the 2012 Presidential campaign trail and some of the experiences and observations from photojournalists who are out there with this year's Presidential candidates on the bus, in the plane, and behind the campaign signs. Also in this issue, the gutting was swift and brutal in New Orleans when The Times-Picayune's new publisher decided to cease daily publishing and go mainly to the Web. Bruce Young reports how one by one, that day the Facebook status of people in the newsroom changed to -30-, "end of story." In other features, it was the 40th anniversary of Nick Ut's famous "Napalm Girl" photograph from Vietnam and photojournalist David Burnett was there (but didn't make "the picture"). He shares with readers why being someplace when an iconic picture is captured, but not being the one who captures it, can be an important lesson. In Multimedia Moments, Seth Gitner shows how the Star Tribune has brought multimedia and still photography together in the story assignment process. And in books, Ken and Melanie Light write about why and how they created their latest edition, "Valley Of Shadow And Dreams," regarding California's fantasy real estate dream and the harsh reality of the people who live out the labor of its agricultural base. And Stephen Wolgast reviews the book, "Attachments." 

The June 2012 issue of News Photographer magazine features a cover story on Nathan Thompson, the 2012 NPPA Ernie Crisp Television News Photographer of the Year, who on the heels of winning the top title has decided to move on to a different phase of his career. Also in this issue, Italian photojournalist André Liohn reflects on his bloody days spent on Misurata’s Tripoli Street covering the Libyan rebel uprising, and the day Chris Hondros and Tim Hetherington were killed there; and Stephen Wolgast examines the late Tom Hurndall’s new book. Also in this issue, a Springfield, IL, picture editor dove into the newspaper’s glass plate archives to create a book, exhibit, and Web site; Arizona Republic photojournalist Michael Chow’s rare eclipse photograph; and NPPA Ethics chair John Long goes through a set of guidelines that are intended to help photojournalists create ethical photographs.

The May 2012 issue of News Photographer magazine features a cover story on the Pulitzer Prize-winning photographs of MassoudHossaini of Agence France-Presse and Craig F. Walker of The Denver Post. Also in this issue, a profile of the late Horst Faas, Associated Press Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, picture editor, and book author, written by Bruce Young; NPPA member Rachel Turner's look at Japan as the nation recovers a year after the deadly earthquake and tsunami; and NPPA member Ed Kashi's new book "Photojournalisms," his journal and remembrances written for his wife as he built memories and portfolios around the world, is reviewed by Stephen Wolgast.


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Donald is the editor of News Photographer magazine and the NPPA Web site.

He has a thirty-year career in photojournalism as a photographer, picture and graphics editor, director of photography, writer, and new media producer. Winslow worked for Reuters as a photojournalist and editor based in Washington, D.C. and for Reuters NewMedia, in Reston, VA, and New York City.

His newspaper career includes The Palm Beach Post, The Pittsburgh Press, The Milwaukee Journal Co., The Republic in Columbus, IN, and The Wabash Plain Dealer. While at REUTERS he worked on developing early applications for digital technology and remote transmitting for traditional news assignments, such as the White House, inaugurations, and sporting events. At CNET Networks in San Francisco he was the Director of Photography for CNET Online.

He is co-founder of a non-profit charity organization, New Media for Non Profits.