WHEREAS, the NPPA has an interest in utilizing mutually beneficial partnerships with regional state, and local visual journalism organizations for the purposes of education, advocacy, marketing, and recruitment;

Be it RESOLVED, “Professional Chapters” in NPPA’s Policies and Procedures document shall be rewritten to read:

Professional Chapters may be formed by a minimum of (10) professional NPPA members in good standing. Existing organizations may apply for Professional Chapter status with at least (10) professional NPPA members in good standing. All members of a Professional Chapter must subscribe to NPPA’s Code of Ethics.

Professional Chapters in good standing shall receive a stipend of $100 plus $20 per NPPA member to a cap of $400 per Professional Chapter per year. Funds will be distributed upon receipt of a satisfactory annual report. The report, with funding request, is due to the National Office by Oct. 1 each year. Stipends must be spent in accordance with NPPA’s policies regarding “Expenses” and “Purchase of Alcoholic Beverages.”

Professional Chapter offices shall be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Chapter Presidents and Vice Presidents must be NPPA Professional Members in good standing. Other offices may be as provided by the Chapter's Bylaws. Chapter Committees may be provided as necessary. Chapter Officers shall be sworn in by taking an oath of office similar to that prescribed for NPPA Officers.

An annual report of progress and activity of each Chapter must be received by the Executive Director by Oct. 1 each year in order for a Chapter to remain in good standing. This report must include a list of officers and their terms in office; the names and NPPA numbers of all Chapter members; the identification of newly-enrolled members and other information that may be required.

Chapters that fail to carry out membership requirements shall be declared not in good standing by the Executive Director.

The Executive Director shall compile the information in the chapter reports into a summary report to the Board of Directors. If a chapter is declared not in good standing and wishes to appeal that declaration, the chapter must notify the Executive Director, and decision on the appeal will be made by the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting.

Dues charged by any Chapter will be in addition to NPPA dues. All monies due NPPA collected by the Chapter Treasurer or other officers shall be forwarded to the NPPA without delay.

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