1. Board members include:

    • Michelle McLoughlin, Chair; Bill Auth, Logistics Chair
    • Natalie Nigito, Registrar
    • Will Yurman, Multimedia Chair
    • Mark Dye, Publicity
    • Tom Costello, AV production
    • Bob Davis and Sean Filburn TV representatives
    • John Walker, portfolio critiques
    • Steve Falk, and Caroline Couig contest co-chairs
    • John Long, board member emeritus

    The regional officers of regions 1, 2 and 3 also serve on the NSC Board. They include

    • Don Himsel R-1 Director
    • John Walker, R-1 Associate Director
    • Todd Maisel, R-2 Director
    • Mark Dye, R-2 Associate Director
    • Ted VanPelt, R-3 Director
    • Caroline Couig, R-3 Associate Director.
  2. The 31st annual NSC will be held March 8-10, 2011 in Fairfax, VA. We have made some major scheduling changes for 2012. The traditional Saturday lecture series has been split over the three days. We found the old method had become outdated. Each day will now begin and end with a lecture series speakers with three breakout sessions during the day, allowing for workshops on all three days. The confirmed Lecture Series speakers thus far are, Ed Kashi, James Estrin, Whitney Shefte, Barbara Davidson and Carlos Javier Ortiz.

  3. The 2012 NSC contest will again be judged at Temple University February 11, 2012. Temple’s sponsorship has helped defray the costs of the contest tremendously. In addition to free space and AV, they also supply us with breakfast and lunch for the judges and staff.

    Nikon is sponsoring plaques for the POY and Newspaper of the Year as well as donating a camera to the POY.

    ThinkTank has provided prizes for the winners of each category.

    For 2012 we are allowing individual multimedia entries to be included in a portfolio entry.

  4. The cost of the event for members has not increased. We have lowered the cost to non- members as we have seen a tremendous drop in non-members attending due to the price differential of $110.00, regardless if the registration was one day or three. Mindy and I have discussed giving non-members 30 days after the event to apply the cost differential towards a new membership.

  5. We are planning on offering two workshops via Livestream in 2012. The workshops have yet to be decided. We have not made a decision yet to tape any workshops to upload to the NPPA site after the event.

  6. I do not anticipate any changes in the board of the NSC for 2012
  7. The 2012 contract is one of the best we have seen in a long time for the NSC. The Food and Beverage min. to receive free meeting space is $10,000 and the room rate is $105.00 a night. This is the smallest hotel the NSC will have been held in, but we have contracted all of the meeting space and will be the only group in the hotel providing a much more intimate setting for the 2012 event.
  8. The NPPA board continues to evaluate all of our workshops and sessions. As has been out mission the last few years we strive to bring new speakers each year. For the second year we will only have 1 or 2 returning faculty members from the previous year.
  9. As it is with every event, sponsorship and fundraising continues to be out major obstacle. We designed a media kit this year that has been distributed widely and are hoping to bring in some new exhibitors and sponsors to the 2012 event.

Michelle McLoughlin, Northern Short Course Chair

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