The Education Committee saw a change of leadership this year with Mark E. Johnson taking over the chair’s position. Johnson is the Senior Lecturer of Photojournalism at the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. Mike Borland, Scott McKiernan and Mindy Hutchinson continue to serve on the committee.


Advanced Storytelling Workshop:
Steve Sweitzer continues to head this program, scheduled for April 15-20, 2012. His report is appended to this one.
NewsVideo Workshop:
This program is taking 2012 off as a new leadership committee takes over.
Julie Jones, Adam Vance and Stan Heist will be co-chairing this event going forward and moving it to Gaylord College at the University of Oklahoma. The three of them, in addition to Joe Mahoney, have already started marketing the 2013 edition of the event, with each tasked to promote the event at other journalism events (NSC, MMI, Unity and AEJMC are covered already). They are looking at including more, younger faculty members and adding more diversity to the program.
Multimedia Immersion:
Seth Gitner reports planning is underway, will be submitting a report shortly.
Northern Short Course:
Michelle McLoughlin continues to head this program, scheduled for March 8-10 in Fairfax, Virginia. She reports that the 2012 contract is one of the best the program has had and that she and Mindy Hutchinson are reevaluating the cost for non-members. Judging of the contest is scheduled for February 11 at Temple University. Her full report is appended.
Business Blitz:
This is being overseen by the Business Committee, but we have been in touch with them about a possible stop in Athens, Ga.
Report to come from Mindy Hutchinson


Student Chats:
In the fall, we started working with Bettina Hansen, Student Chair, Michael King, Student Chapters Chair, Maddie McGarvey, Student Representative, and President Elliot on a series of Sunday evening online chats. Each session has had several dozen participants and have covered topics ranging from web design to networking. The plan is to continue developing these through 2012 and possibly expand them into the professional ranks, as well.
NPPA on Campus (Proposed):
Committee member Scott McKiernan has suggested an NPPA on Campus program which we are working out the details on. The idea would be to have NPPA members visit photojournalism programs around the country, present their work and talk about the profession as a representative of the NPPA. Portfolio critiques, as seen at other events, could be a part of this program. 
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