The NPPA Board of Directors held its mid-year meeting July 8, 2010, in Charleston, SC.


While other journalists took part in the workshops and ShootOut at Convergence '10, NPPA's Board of Directors discussed industry business at the Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, SC. (Photo by Sean Elliot)

Board members Tom Kennedy, left, Smiley Pool, Ron Londen and Tony Overman listen to a report during the meeting. (Photo by Sean Elliot)


The minutes of the July Board Meeting were approved January 16, 2011 at the winter Board Meeting in Durham.


The following resolutions were considered:

Resolution 1 — Policies & Procedures
Election date for the Regional Chairs' Rep
Resolution 2 — Bylaws
New region boundaries (compare the two region maps)
Resolution 3 — Policies & Procedures
Disciplinary procedures and appeals
PASSED with amendments

Mid-Year Reports

Executive Committee
Board Members

Recent Board meetings

The annual winter meeting was held January 16–17 in Durham, and the minutes of that meeting have been posted.

A special meeting was held by conference call on September 30, 2010, and the minutes of that meeting have been posted.

The 2011 winter Board Meeting was held January 14–16 in Durham.

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